Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Getting Serious

wishing you all a good luck. Now I am headed to mid-term exam on my department, 3 exams left and i've got to improve on my lecture but why the heck now am I standing here?? LOL

There was exam on Political Economy of Development lecture, and it was a verbal exam. The examiner were 2 of my lecturers, they were mrs. PSW and mr.RNA. I'd got questions about the debate of property right between Adam Smith and the Marxist arguments. Another one was about the three type of legitimate order, related to Max Weber's arguments on rationalism. Yokatta!! I had it enough of stomachache when I was after the exam, along the road... but instead of it, it's typically common for the student to get dizzied up while waiting for the turn for facing such exam.

Thank God it ends, but the question is, why the first half of the semester even didn't gave us --the student-- enlightment on how is it related to development. I am a little bit wondering about where could we identify the works of classical Economy Theorist on the rencent development? Yes it's quite clear for us all for having theories before it ends up with the practical ones. Another thing which I couldnt understand is why the exams should took form in such a way?? I feel that it was not necessary to claim success or to affirm accomplished lecture based on exam like that.

I hope there will be a more enthusiasting form of exam....