Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Green Remarks [?]

Well, frankly typing, April 22 has always been a day to renowned the environmental awareness. This even called “earth day” for complimenting the earth for existing and contributing living goods for us human. Just wanted to expose the commemoration on my campus, there was activities to be done, the “no machine-equipped vehicle in earth day” campaign, wearing green-nuanced outfits, and so forth. The KPALH Setrajana, the student unit for environmental [and outdoor] activities had initiated this chain of programs and held some seminar and academic talks about the environment. It was probably just a slight euphoria, but still inspiring though. What attracting guys in there was a horribly wide white cloth for you to write comments about environment on. It was absolutely for memorable purpose, but I hope that this will be a promise to ourselves to commit environmental keeping.


Biology Faculty's demo on sunday

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lunch Time Break Music

Well, probably the updates are on a long, long way from routines. After got caught on several bittersweet business out there, finally I begin writing on this stuff again ^-^;
Oh yeah maybe this is relatively out of date, nevertheless, I’d like to show what they’d done in my campus during lunch time. Several months before now, possibly it’s February, a kinky-and-dandy –but-minimalist jazz group came showing up at my faculty’s canteen. This was quite amusing and entertaining, when suddenly we were being surprised with their present of enjoyment, astonished performance on the first place.

The group consisted of two sub-platoons, one of them was called Andy Gomez Quintet and the other one was The Kirana Big Band. The faculty set up a small stage and band equipment on the west side of the cafeteria. As an emphasizing tune of jazz music, they were including saxophone player as well. On one part, they played instrumental jazz; another part was a vocal–lead full band format. As I recall, audiences were distracted so much, and very well relaxed by their music. I don’t get much reference on jazz, but I’m somewhat familiar with the music, maybe that’s just due to the frequent broadcast as back sounds on many TV shows or ads?? LOL.

In the end, I figure out that it was a promotional attempt to gain audiences on their real commercial show the next 10 days [I’ve got the pamphlet somehow I forgot the date]. In my humble opinion, the promotion was successful and not a mere slight excitement. I bet people had gone after them to watch their show live. I supposed there should be another show next time like this, but as long as they don’t get in the lecture way inside the class to bring the noise… Even the lecturer cannot concentrate much…