Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Totemo Benri Da Yo!!!*

*) praktis banget lohhh [Jepang]

I just fulfilled the semester's credit list to determine which course I would attend the next semester. Seems like UGM has understood yet that everyone needs win-win solution there. The system would get so brief and the academic officers plus the lecturers wouldn't got headache. We just go online and fill in the form after we log on to the academic portal. See, perhaps the new rectors had realized that his students are all lazy-asses and need more retreat to enjoy the holiday without bothering about the process.

Hmm, yes and my departure from Malang is delayed after I heard that it could went online. But indeed it still needs lecturer's signature though. I'll be back soon after all due to bunch of ass-bags to explode.. hehehe. Maybe the next post would be written in YK...

Jaa Mata.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The End Of The Comfort Zone

This is the last day that I enjoy my holiday in Malang. It isn't so special since my activities are only hanging down at home and sometimes going out for a refreshened meal ^^. I was able to practise my hobby like sleeping and eating that much so that I gain my weight up to 57 kgs... Hehehe. It was then that I realize this is also not bad. I got enought time to retreat and filling my days with an absolute fun. I don't regret any single thing that I've done. I'm glad I finally I have time to help my parents and my sibling, just to had a little meaning of my holiday back then.

My friends were already busy on their own, some were involved in an extra lecture, some of them taking some courses to deal with as well. There are no reason for me to keep up for something like that because I've already done... When the time is so enjoyable for me, I really comforted into the comfort zone while everyone's in my reach and everything is just okay. I just wonder whether this is a point of turning back. Everyone's on their future view... I realize that yes indeed friendship and relations are faded away in sight but not on heart. I know that everyone's busy and got no chance to provide you enough share, comfortable talk like we did before.
Hmm.. plus, in this holiday, I also celebrated my 20th birthday. It was so sad that I grow up so much faster than I thought. I hate responsibility so much, that lately i should begin to handle it. It's the last day of this holiday in Malang, again. From now on, I should behave like mature people *sigh* and think as a mature and more controllable person, and become she who had a rejoiced future *ngayal mode on*
On the plan ahead, I still got my shot to repair my mark -_-; with still 21 semester credits to take this semester. I still hope and I still try my best to make my dreams come true... that is my deepest wish that I never reveal to anyone. Nobody knows about it. I was failed. However there is no reason to withdraw, as long I have my way I will walk and to test how though I am... Therefore, i should walk to a wider range of way, out of the comfort to find my challenge.
Still got so many things to do.