Friday, September 30, 2011

Too Exhausted to Relax

Damn, I am getting busier. I feel like I'm obsessed.

It's not that I hate it, it's just enthralling that I am developing, through the deathly streets and jerky roams in Jakarta. It's lucky to get past those whoever stood in my way, since everything starts to go smoothly in its path. I was plucked to join a gang of research monsters who'd do anything to post their best piece of mind to be admitted by uni's research dept. I also kicked myself through the gate of United Nations' Indonesia Country Representative to be a labor under the suppresion of neo-liberalism.

Consequently, it's rare to find myself relaxed, sleeping soundly. I had became a part of Jakartans now, who's always in a hurry and doubt.Then in this weekend I don't feel like going somewhere, and choose to linger on my bed. Crap, this is Korean Week, where my colleague Kim Ho Il passed me four cinema tickets, he said it's an event for Korean Film Festival in Jakarta. But still, my mind wanders everywhere and i couldn't even move my ass to hang around a party, holy cow. Yeah, but the cool breeze came around when my beloved guy was also coming to town. *grin

Hmm but that's the price to pay for saving my time until the next holiday. I wonder if I finished the proposal this semester, I will be able to go on a real vacation. I almost have no time, no blink for just enjoying the air of youth. I work like a horse until daybreak. But that's how I want it. I've been in a state where I got nothing to do and it was killing my sanity. Better live this way, it's simply productive. That's what youth is.