Monday, October 27, 2008

Spare Time and Weirdo Weather

Well, nothing much to say about what the last semester college student is doing. Nothing but her undergraduate theses. Apparently, there has been no interest of thinking about it, moreover, working over it all the time. I’m not the kind to do such paperwork, I’m not as rushed as expected to finish it out soon. Oh yeah, and by time I started it out, boredom also occurs when all I got left to write was nothing.

And again, the weather currently has gone nuts. I’ve got no idea why is it so humid outside while the sunlight also stroke down the whole land. It’s like you are steamed all day even when it comes to nights that you wouldn’t keep your cooling agent away from you. Some newspaper said the temperature had reached for almost 40ÂșC. The most annoying part of the curse is the indiscriminate blackout policy of PLN. Thanks to PLN, my schedule of working my theses messed up.

Another impact of this stung weather, my defenses crumbled. I fell into murderous illness again, that surprisingly I couldn’t stand the pain as usual. The strive continued so that it really did stuck my plan. This is the end of the month, and I should resolve all my documents needed to be submitted before November, or I’ll never finish on February. Well I’ll try to loosen up my target at last.

It’s not like I’ll drown myself deeper into this, so I’m looking for some refreshment. Gathering with friends always put you at ease, because sharing your experiences heals the pain, for sure. Yesterday, I and my friends had a cheerful time. We forced our butts to move to the appointed location on my friend’s Darmaputra Students Dormitory UGM next to Krida Mandala stadium. We were plotting to serve ourselves “rujakan” together, but nobody knows why the pleasure came to an end while the guy who got the fruits even weren’t showing his head off. Didn’t want to be pulled away in disappointment, we just spent the time exchanging stories of holidays and stuff, it was a definitely fun breakthrough, until we all rolled on the floor laughing and shed so many tears of happiness [hehehehe….], and never forget to picture ourselves together ^o^. Halfway later, we went to have a dinner nearby, and went home exhausted.

I hope there will be more celebration, when it would come to the Jogja Debating Forum’s [JDF] League next week. Hmm, cannot wait for the reunion, since it’s been a long while I don’t have spare time to meet my comrades, my best friends, my rivals as well, from all over backgrounds and ages. I liked competition and will always be, because that enriched my courage. The event would be held by JDF on Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, a convenient place to debate with tranquil breeze. The event would use British Parliamentary system, so that I have to get one partner to fight the enemy with. My buddy is Mr. Teddy from UNY and I could imagine what my team would be!!!! We’ll be the freakiest team as two morons consolidate to fight back “IKAN KAKAP” the big fish of JDF huhehehehhe Still I hope the weather wouldn’t breakdown for fishing. *evil laugh*

Time to take my time. Ask your true heart, what should it be then. I like what I do, I do what I like, there’s no need to hurry, just relax.

Yell of The Forgotten

Regarding the Government of Turkey’s long-life oppression over Kurdish minority group, the cycle of violence continues on. The secessionist movement have been organized into Kurdistan Workers’ Party (KWP) and then weakened by the “assault” of their political leader, Abdullah Occalan, since 1999. This had been Turkey’s challenge from time to time, they were proclaimed to promote democracy, while sadly they also built strong wall against the basic human rights, which still apply even inside the what-so-called-separatist to them.

As Al-Jazeera reported on Sunday, October 19, 2008, Kurdish protesters marched on the street on the heavily populated Kurdish area in southern Turkey. They were demanding the government to treat the lifetime jailed Occalan more properly, regretting the government act during these times that said to be otherwise. On Diyarbakir, over 5000 demonstrators gathered and clashed physical contact with the police. Casualties couldn’t be hindered, and so many people detained by the government by that incident.

The Kurd, and the KWP, is being considered by Turkish government as “terrorist” rather than a mere separatist group. About 44000 people have died since its conflict with the Turkish state began in 1984. Government seems not to open talks for deescalating the conflict. The use of forces is becoming the main prioritization to handle the problems. And the supports to Kurdish struggle nowadays are nothing but a peril promise, due to the lacking of international support and recognition of their rights.

From over the mountainous region of Kurdish residence on Middle East, the attack on the civilians began their rapid assult as the area of their homelad were divided on various Arabic Countries, such as Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and even Syria as well. Then the Kurdish was said to be “a nation without a state” as the Israel and Palestine stand now. It should explain that what the Kurdish demanding is a political landscape, which refers to the political territory which only be justifiable by the means of a sovereign state. To contrast with their colleagues in Iraq, the guys at Turkey seems to expel the Kurdish away from the nation’s progress and their rights is not given well. On Iraq, there had been a political consolidation, that by 2006 they established a united autonomous governance but still subordinated under the Iraqi regime.

It is such a wonder why the Kurdish minority group in Turkey failed to resist the government, just by looking on the fact that around 50% population of The Kurd all over the world is residing on Turkey itself. They should have more political and human resources to pursue their aims. By enforcing such an brutal act to stop the demonstrators like above, there could be determined that the Kurdish in Turkey are being violated, and they are just forgotten by the world. There is no doubt that the vengeance and hatred would color their realations futher.