Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Green Remarks [?]

Well, frankly typing, April 22 has always been a day to renowned the environmental awareness. This even called “earth day” for complimenting the earth for existing and contributing living goods for us human. Just wanted to expose the commemoration on my campus, there was activities to be done, the “no machine-equipped vehicle in earth day” campaign, wearing green-nuanced outfits, and so forth. The KPALH Setrajana, the student unit for environmental [and outdoor] activities had initiated this chain of programs and held some seminar and academic talks about the environment. It was probably just a slight euphoria, but still inspiring though. What attracting guys in there was a horribly wide white cloth for you to write comments about environment on. It was absolutely for memorable purpose, but I hope that this will be a promise to ourselves to commit environmental keeping.


Biology Faculty's demo on sunday

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