Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Totemo Benri Da Yo!!!*

*) praktis banget lohhh [Jepang]

I just fulfilled the semester's credit list to determine which course I would attend the next semester. Seems like UGM has understood yet that everyone needs win-win solution there. The system would get so brief and the academic officers plus the lecturers wouldn't got headache. We just go online and fill in the form after we log on to the academic portal. See, perhaps the new rectors had realized that his students are all lazy-asses and need more retreat to enjoy the holiday without bothering about the process.

Hmm, yes and my departure from Malang is delayed after I heard that it could went online. But indeed it still needs lecturer's signature though. I'll be back soon after all due to bunch of ass-bags to explode.. hehehe. Maybe the next post would be written in YK...

Jaa Mata.

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