Friday, January 09, 2009

Chillout Break Music

I left the edge of year 2008 with some invigorating chains of events. Just to hang around with my fellows have gotten my mind out of its tiresome thoughts. Before I ended up arriving at my beloved hometown –if I could said so-- Malang, East Java, I went to a chilling out performance of my friend’s acoustic show (her name is Nilam) at KONA resto at Kaliurang road km 6. She was surprisingly forming an acoustic band named UP2U, consist of her as vocalist and two more as the keyboardist and guitarist. I’ve known her well as I’d ever teamed up with her in an English debating team; moreover she’s my friend on the same faculty, even though she enrolled as a student of governance department. On Saturday night at December 20, 2008; I and her former school buddy headed out to the spot, just to support her to death for 3 hours :D

I spent the night listening to Nilam group’s recital, I was so excited that they played a bunch of my favorite love songs, both western and Indonesian songs. I thought the best feat was when they played “Especially for You” formerly sung by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. The tone was synchronizing with the composition and I never thought that she had trained a lot till her vocal reached wider range, and seemed so crunchy. I and my friend who watched her applied a song to them for a request, which was “Selamanya Cinta” by D’Cinnamons. They stroke it very fine.

I thought the show would continue went on every Saturday night since then, as lots of KONA customers were contented to it. It was astounding that Nilam had developed such progress, where I thought she never found a feed to relieve her hobby. Now I’m glad she had a room for herself.

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