Thursday, May 24, 2007

i torn my pants at campus

guys i've just finished my presentation about eco-terrorism in RNA's class -- seminar on the environment-- with my left side of my trousers were torn and remained a hole. currently i'm still wearing it. how shame. hehe, it was when i tried to approach the class coz it's nearly about to begin. when i crossed the road in the northern side of law faculty, my friend Adibah came and offered me a drive to the campus. but when i got the ride on, the "plat nomor" of the motorbike scratched my pants out of my knee. accidentally, i was unaware until i got down from the motorbike and suddenly changed my mind to just flee home.... aaarghh!!

well finally i took it easy as nobody cares of it too much. and some guys mentioned it as cool... well at least it has become another strike for my unlucky event this week including hell a lot of missing money,,, T_T and suffers more from the heavy tasks and papers.
But after all, my presentation was going on well and life goes on as usual. As usual, yeah, i ignore everything that happens to me and i become numb. i torn my pants that it also give me another blow that it's fun and everybody spotted on it while relating it to my harrashful behavior... it becomes reminders for me that i should be careful... in any other way...

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