Sunday, July 22, 2007

It Had Been Hacked

w it

Hey people...
finally JOVED 2007 ended up. UGM grabs the runner ups and the quarter finalists. Hmmm it was nice but horrible... since i couldnt believe this.

But the ultimate anger is... my friendster is hacked!!!! how cud one could do such thing when that person didn't recognize his illness [if it's "his"] but necesarilly he should!!! That person was so mean to me that he's wildly overdone his hacking!!! The person called him "si bodoh" and he really understands what it means to him! nevertheless, i was able to cooperate and get my friendster back though. Now it goes like the war between Raito Yagami and L Ryuuzaki.... where it slash back each other..
"si bodoh" also now connected with my YM and makes me able to hunt him, hopefully.

i'll also try to calm down and relax to cherish my avenge spirit lately... and on the very moment it will turn out into a hell-big-bang of revenge, but a lovable revenge. I think "si bodoh" must be a lone wolf, dark-hearted creatures. Somehow, he is a man also, so that we shouldnt push him too far by escaping the space out of him. It spends my grace when i was pissed off by such soet of thing but eventually he got calmed but still screaming words upon my face..

Internet unconvenience has been annoying lately. There should be extra protection to handle this... seems Blue n Green is not safe to handle this by still applying some cookies for extra obstacles, hmmm?! Just to have it so much better... you have to sacrifice hell lots of damage that you cannot even pursuing your goal of comfort. What I wanted to say is just protect the public space, give restriction, and stay alerted. For the hackers, just use your skill to hack crap government sites or terrorist sites only and the users would bring mercy upon you.

posted by Eva-chan The "L"

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