Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The First Recording

Guys, finally they made up the Joved [Java Overland Varsities English Debate] VCD [thanks to Mas Ajib from UII, although it's not for free and the teams didn't get royalties]. Anyways, it sounded like a radio that os not properly tuned on the right frequency. It's a great memorabilia though. Talking about the recording, yes, indeed, it's my first one. Perhaps I would never make one like that again.

After watching the VCD, I finally made up my mind to end my debate career right away. There were lots of mistake that I have to fix up next time. Not to mention the performance on Joved by me was below average and could not have a mention anymore. I was delivering "ladies and gentlemen" too much so that I wonder how adjudicator could end up adjudicating me all the time. The other failure was I was never able to provide the good gesture and to produce loud voices. To wave my hand frequently finally didn't support my speech, it's only annoying the adjudicators.

Again and again, it's a voice trouble. everyone always warns me up about this, since it made me become the flat speaker after all, where my voice doesn't able to support my capacity in delivering my arguments. Not to mention when the motion is not interesting for me, that I'm not into the debate any longer in purpose. Yeah few people acknowledges it as a problem, but not that severe though. However, I should try to scream and shout as well but I believe I would not find anywhere to exercise it.

Another lesson from the VCD, "I should try to act cool and natural!!" Well it seems that I got caught by candid scene that I was looking on something else and hmm not doing anything cool... hehe i dunno what cool is anyway...
The thing is : I have to improve after all. and that's it for today.