Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hmm. Just A Thought

Lately, after I came back UGM I have gone ahead to contribute something towards my dark-but-fabulously-shimmering organization, EDS UGM, to become coach for the newbie class of 2007. Half-heartedly I was standing to handle it, but giving your number one priority list is still inadequate for their development, and yet to be easy for me. Not to mention that I plan to practice full-time studying this semester, something that I cannot afford though.

I’ve got three kids to handle in a team training. First thing that I told them was that debate is not a smooth way to go and secondly that they’d not there to learn any more English that of a pro debater could speak. Should they get problems with it; they have to solve it themselves. Other rules of EDS UGM were very clear to begin with, that we would do anything to accomplish achievements so that we could HAVE FUN of it.

Sadly, reviewing this term of training, me and my pair Febrian, found it was more than grumpy street to go. They were so damn lazy and got nothing called motivation and commitment. I’m not going to blame them, but that was the thing happened these times repeatedly. I’ve never seen one could be under-couraged like them. I just began to prepare assessment on matter wise while then they showed no spirit. They even not tried to be proactive, I know probably they got mess ahead on their days but we do have to sacrifice bunch of stuffs if we want to have something on ourselves. Moreover, everyone does busy.

I was so regretful that my shot to be a teacher was washed away. I don’t like people come late without reasonable excuses. I do not like my trainees even didn’t know any single thing called discipline. I’ve went trough a hell of it during my early training at my former entrance to EDS UGM. I hated myself for losing my ability to be strict and though to my kids. It’s a pity if I was taken over by anger, but Febrian did it. Sometimes it sounds though, but it’s necessary after all.

Founders Trophy 2007 and Indonesian Varsities English Debate 2008 are coming, but none of them are mine. I am getting too tired to build my cases and to look for more matters, but it’s just it. I do like debating like crazy and crushing my opponets without remorse. Probably next semester I would be able to increase my presence every Saturday, like I always did before.

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