Monday, October 01, 2007

Bad Way with Words

Huwwah... comeback with English content now. He still needs practicing hell many writings here. Oh yeah, few days ago, people in the International Relations (IR) department started to rush upon something. It is exciting to find out that there are people who are not satisfied with something called “quality”. It is not merely about good names, but also about dignity. A guy --let’s call it Mr.DS-- has published opinion that was insanely gone without a strong hold beneath his comment, on the Jawa Pos daily newspaper. He was pointing out about The International Relations GMU’s quality in common. But on the column, the content of the article was out of mind, it was totally distracting the anger and disappointment of IR guys here.

The DS guy was The National Parliament’s member from House of Representatives, and unfortunately also an alumnus of IR GMU. He was telling about how the “quality” of the department had drastically decelerated during these years. However, poorly, this was only stood on how students of IR GMU currently are not that interested to join The Department of Foreign Affairs when they are graduated. Besides, he added that lecturers were low and incompetent anymore compared with those from another universities as well. But the mistake appear again on how he made the statement. By just some experiences he had involved in, he started to make a mere abstract judgement. While trying to criticize the IR folks, he also compared this with the past, about how upon the Amien Rais era, IR had gone wilder that at that time IR was undoubtedly “successful”.

As the fellow IR guys, I am indeed confused with what his purposes were. However, I wonder I doubt if the purpose was really exist… Sorry to say, this DS guy has nothing to speak of. As a debater, a sudden discourse like that seems to be fully debatable. Why? He even didn’t set any scientific parameters that explains how the conditions here are running. I bet people wouldn’t get delighted to read such a trash arguments like those, especially when he himself never gave anything significant to help to contribute the department, as far as I become the student here.

No wonder, a reply from one of the IR’s lecturers, Mrs. Siti Muti’ah, had emerged on the sheet of the newspaper as a resistance move towards the DS guy’s article. Yet, it explains how hurt we were on the articles written. A good try to relieve the pain. Sure it would get the DS guy pissed off after he would have read the replies [because the reply was written on two issues of the newspaper]. IR students were barely satisfied with the clarification, so far.

The war on media currently infiltrated with only political manuvers, but seems the DS guy was taken over by it too much. Yes,he is a politician, but he should have known in what field that he had stepped in. It’s academic field that is entirely different with those on parties or another political stuffs there. His words were completely attacking, and I’m sure it’s non-ethical to piss us off from the very beginning without a single scientific reason.

Enough for technical problems. There we go into the contents. I would never imagine such alumnus would ever just criticize and make a subjective view which only degrade the IR GMU’s image on the society, while he HAS NEVER come there at all cost. It’s a wrong way to perceive society about an issue. He forgot that the society, especially those who don’t know a single thing about IR department at all. Society will get lost. Something that’s already published should be able to uphold its responsibility upon the writer. Especially on depicting the statement which only cornered us, by only saying that our quality –both students and lecturers— is low and presenting just a bunch of missing facts, that we were so lame in actvities, seminars, and also links and connections as well.

On the media, especially journalism, it’s probably had opened more space to the society for speaking up their mind on the media. Just that they could shout the comment up for war to each other… if it’s finally felt not enough to clarify something, the war is not only continued on the seed. Hopefully, it will, hehe… Or there would be a seminar or talk show about it?? No no, just play the game… never trigger sensation.

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