Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Favourite Beat

Just the next season is about to come and I am alone in my room, got petrified with the cold breeze. However, I just want to share. Everyday listening to UVERworld cheers my mood up but lately I was caught up by my friends listening lots of Koda Kumi and Crystal Kay’s song. Moreover, my senior recommended me to tune more to Greeeen [ini bener lho ‘e’-nya ada 4] and I remembered just one of their songs, which is “Ai Uta” the theme of Final Fantasy.

Indeed, I am the big fan of Visual Kei and common J-rock, but listen them up almost everyday is just pacing up it all… so I have to slow it down. Honestly, I would rather lend my ear to female singers and girl bands nowadays. They are so cute, young, and fabulous. ^0^ Mixed up with fully furnished performance, their style really swings my everyday. Never got bored with their songs I guess. Not to mention Nakashima Mika –as I am listening now- is perfectly talented and was crowned “the female Hyde”. It was on Newsmaker Japan, that most expensive entertainment magazine I’ve ever known.

Another try is Takahashi Hitomi, Horie Yui, Tamaki Nami, Rie Fu and her “Tsukiakari”, Van Tomiko, Pipo Angels, Matsura Aya and her “Ki ga Tsukeba Anata”, Sakamoto Maaya, C-ute, ZYX, Zard, Utada Hikaru, Aki Angela with the remix of the Japanese “Kiss from A Rose”, Yuki from the former “Judy and Mary”, etc. Hmm I also prefer to choose rock band with a girl vocalist like High and Mighty Color [Haikara], The Brilliant Green [Buriguri], and Rythem [was filling one of Naruto’s theme “Harumonia”]. Feels like it’s enchanting to hear Japanese women’s voice. Cute as ever.

But one person I hate much is Hamasaki Ayumi. Yeah, sometimes it’s nice to play her songs but the rest … lagu2nya kayak orang dandan menor banget. Terlalu berlebihan. Ahhh omoidashita!!! Don’t forget to grab Kuraki Mai’songs… 5 star rated. First time I listen to her song was years ago and it was “Love, Day After Tommorow”. Seems all of her songs title are in English. It’s so yesterday but would still remains full of beat on your steps, I guarantee.

takahashi hitomi

Hands up for Japanese female GOOD musicians.

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