Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lost Gently

It has been some time since Shinzo Abe had succeeded by Yasuo Fukuda, also from Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). All that left was only disappointment and dissatisfaction from the people to Abe’s governance. The exalting issues like bribery scandals and the abuse of retirement’s fund had colored his era, while in another side it’s a bless for Indonesia to grab a new deal on a more intense economic policy with Japan this year on Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreement (JI-EPA) this August.

However, one thing interesting is the speculation on the reason why Abe finally quits the Prime Minister’s seat. Journalists published that it was just because Abe suffered from stress and a considerable health problem. Those picture on Reuters show us how pale he looked when entering the local hospital. I’m sure he’s not only doing check-ups or probably had a face-off surgery to cover his shameful face after suffering a coup ;D

Well, just to appreciate him, nevertheless, I should agree on Kompas (a daily newspaper) issued on September 25, 2007, that he stands still as a gentleman. It did not take too long to hearing from him to apologize to the people on Japanese media. “I apologize from the bottom of my heart that the people are suffering...,” he said with a low-profile manner, just as the newspaper told. What we could learn here is only about the strength to stand on our feet to beg a pardon from the society. I found it is interesting to contrast it with the circumstances on Indonesia. Even Grandpa Soeharto just flee straight out from the spot when the 1998 revolution took him down, while there were never a single word came out to confess his mistakes on the past 32 years.

How rude those corruptors are, even when they beg the jury to decrease their penalties. I think those guys just not able to feel that what they’d done was a harrashful shame to death. There were never just a piece of word saying “I’m sorry, folks…” to us, the Indonesian people, when Shinzo Abe gently spoke it out to the Japanese. It could be probably due to his samurai blood ;P
Not to mention, Abe was only governing for about one years and he told the media how regretful he was. About how he was failing to keep everything in line and let them torn apart. It’s just about mentality and morality. Too many politicians and political leaders in Indonesia are way too pathetic tho have the line come out from their mouth. Too many of them do not possess a shame feeling and what they do just only saving their faces by lying all the time to cover another lie. Abe ga motto kakkoi yo…!!!*

*)Abe’s cooler!!!

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